Plover revised (No. 49a)

Pattern information

USD $15.00 for a single pattern

This pattern is available in these sets:

Plover 3 patterns USD $6.00
Sashiko E2E 48 patterns USD $100.00


This Plover pattern has no overstitched lines, greatly improving on the previous Plover designs. However, the quilting at the top, bottom and left edges of the finished quilt will be incomplete designs. I suggest allowing the stitching to go outside the quilt edges to finish the pattern design on those edges.

A-1 Quilting Machines
ABM Innova (pat, dxf)
APQS Quilt Path (hqf, qli, txt)
Autocad (dxf)
Babylock (qli)
CompuQuilter (cqp)
HandiQuilter (hqf, qli)
IntelliQuilter (iqp, dxf)
PC Quilter (txt)
QBOT (plt)
Quilt Magician (qli)
SideSaddle (ssd, cqp, qli)
Statler Stitcher (qli)

Patterns are available for immediate download after payment is completed.

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